It would have been Freya’s 21st birthday a few days ago (she shares her birthday with Charles Darwin).

We would like to thank everyone who visited her grave, left flowers or cards, or simply thought about her on this day. It is good to know that people remember.

Weimin He

There are some new portraits of Freya in the Tributes section of the website. They were done by Weimin He who documented the recent redevelopment of the Ashmolean Museum, and is now artist-in-residence at the Oxford University Estates Directorate (OUED) responsible for producing a body of graphic works to record the historic redevelopment of the Radcliff Observatory Quarter.

Melanie’s Ward

This year more than 130 girls at Freya’s school baked cakes and made tea towels as part of a charity fundraiser in her memory. They raised over £750 which they donated to Melanie’s Ward.