Gathering Prayer

Source of all love, the oneness of all things
You are the silence at the heart of all that is.
You are in the stillness when the rains have gone
You are the ebb and flow of calm waters, you are the crashing waves of storm
You are the long dark night and you are the first light of dawn
You are the mystery at our beginning before a breath is drawn
You are the quiet at our endings when all is said and done
You are the sacredness of letting be when nothing more can come
You are the solitude after the cling of love’s embrace
And you are the risk of love that we must take, for all that we might lose,
And though the loss of Freya is unchosen and we have no strength of our own
Give us grace when the time is right,
to leave her in your care
and to let go into the peace
where life and death are one and only love remains. Amen.

© Tess Ward