18 July 2015

18 July 2015

Christmas 2014


The front of Freya's memorial stone

At the weekend we helped Bernard Johnson put in place the head stone he carved for Freya. Bernard took ideas from Freya, Freya’s family and from Joe, and created this magnificent memorial which reflects her life and interests.

The image on the back of Freya's memorial

The image on the [...]

To Rest

Nothing remains of your bed;The timber has rottedAnd its nails are a tasteOf blood in the mouth.The tissue of your purseHas spilled the beadsThat held (like dew)Your many worlds.The cross forged from goldCoins from Constantinople,Inlaid with Indian garnetsJuicy as pomegranateAfter a millennium of dark,Nestles in your heart.Grey with use,  yourDaily knife falls to hand.Your family [...]

Christmas 2012

Design by Helen Dudley. Quotation from JRR Tolkien. The constellation is the Pleiades, the Leporid is a hare, and the pose is imitated from a painting by the Chinese painter Cui Bo made in 1061. The text is set using the Shotover typeface.

18 July

Freya at Cambridge

12 February

18 July

Favourite things

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who left flowers on or around 18th. They are all beautiful, and much appreciated.


It would have been Freya’s 21st birthday a few days ago (she shares her birthday with Charles Darwin).

We would like to thank everyone who visited her grave, left flowers or cards, or simply thought about her on this day. It is good to know that people remember.

Weimin He

There are some new portraits of Freya in the Tributes section of the website. They were done by Weimin He who documented the recent redevelopment of the Ashmolean Museum, and is now artist-in-residence at the Oxford University Estates Directorate (OUED) responsible for producing a body of graphic works to record the historic redevelopment of the Radcliff [...]