Memorials on Shotover

Freya's Seat

I would like a tree,
an old English species like an oak,
in a public space if that can be managed,
somewhere beautiful.
Freya Dudley
Aged 19

There’s a new website cataloguing all of the memorials in the Shotover Country Park and it can be found here.

18 July 2017

18 July 2017

18 July 2017

We got an email from one of Freya’s school friends today.

[Freya] once asked me whether I had read a particular book. I replied, ‘no’, and she said: ‘I’m pleased you were honest. I made that book up.’ We were only in year 7 but it really made me laugh, for some reason, it still does! She was certainly testing me, and I’m glad I passed.”

Reading about Freya reminds me to stay grounded and to live life deeper. I envy how her senses were heightened by everything around her.”

“Her thirst and eagerness for knowledge was stimulating and her ability to care was everything. Thank you Freya.”

“I am remembering her, particularly today. I will say a prayer for her, and for the hamsters.”

18 July 2015

18 July 2015

18 July 2015

Christmas 2014

21 December


The front of Freyas memorial stone

The front of Freya's memorial stone

At the weekend we helped Bernard Johnson put in place the head stone he carved for Freya. Bernard took ideas from Freya, Freya’s family and from Joe, and created this magnificent memorial which reflects her life and interests.

The image on the back of Freyas memorial

The image on the back of Freya's memorial

The image on the back of the stone was inspired by a picture drawn by Freya, and contains a quotation (”her brilliance lit up the stars”) from a poem written for her by Roy Batters who taught her Classics.

Freyas memorial in Holy Trinity

Freya's memorial in Holy Trinity

To Rest

Nothing remains of your bed;
The timber has rotted
And its nails are a taste
Of blood in the mouth.

The tissue of your purse
Has spilled the beads
That held (like dew)
Your many worlds.

The cross forged from gold
Coins from Constantinople,
Inlaid with Indian garnets
Juicy as pomegranate

After a millennium of dark,
Nestles in your heart.
Grey with use,  your
Daily knife falls to hand.

Your family took care
To leave these things
For you in the dirt,
Though it did no good.

There is nothing
Like the death of a child
To undeceive a mother.
She sees clearly

The old gods are dead
And the new one
More distant than the stars;
Even the gods to come

With all their tenderness
Cannot resurrect
The smiling girl for whom
She hoped so much.

This poem is based upon a 7th century bed burial discovered near Cambridge and was commended in the Cafe Writers Open Poetry Competition 2012.

Christmas 2012

Helen Stamp

Design by Helen Dudley. Quotation from JRR Tolkien. The constellation is the Pleiades, the Leporid is a hare, and the pose is imitated from a painting by the Chinese painter Cui Bo made in 1061. The text is set using the Shotover typeface.

18 July

Freya at Cambridge

Freya at Cambridge

12 February

18 July

Favourite things

Favourite things

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who left flowers on or around 18th. They are all beautiful, and much appreciated.